Self Reliant Retirement

When & How to Retire Off-grid -
And Say Goodbye to Your
'Money Troubles' for Good, In Just Two Steps, From A Man
I Almost Killed...

-Discover the 'magic formula' thousands are already using to enjoy a "blissful, carefree retirement", without any savings-Impossible? Not if you believe these retirees...

Dear friend,

Now you can enjoy your perfect, carefree retirement, without having to work for ten, or even twenty years longer than your parents.

Without any debt, or struggling to get by.

Because despite what the profit-driven, panic-obsessed media say, you CAN retire comfortably well-off, with only MINIMAL savings.

Giving you the full, laid-back retirement you deserve.

After decades of hard work.

Instead of the fear and humiliation of retiring into poverty. Meaning this could be the most important message you ever read.

So, pay close attention.

My name is Charles Floyd: Until recently, I was just your average American. 55-years-old and painfully underprepared for retirement. A former veteran turned Walmart bag boy when the company went south.

With no decent savings to speak of.

After all, the mortgage, kids' college loans, and taxes ate those up!

Back then, we'd struggle just to put food on the table.

And would have died in debt.

Plus, with a 60% chance of living to ninety (just like you!) that meant I'd have 35 more years of blood, sweat, pain, and MISERY to look forward to-IF I was lucky! Instead of the silver-haired vacation our grandparents relished12 .

I was a wreck just thinking about it.

Especially when one of my ex-colleagues-who'd saved too-well, would brag about his latest cruise. Or my wife complained of back pain-that we couldn't afford to treat. I mean, this is the woman I love,right?

I Couldn't Even Afford to Kill Myself

Because then our social security income would plummet. Costing my wife the house, the car-even the family dog. The way things were going, my aging kids would be forced to take care of ME in their SEVENTIES.

Unless I did something radical.

But nothing worked:

If we tightened our belt any more, we'd be eating it.

And even with decades of experience to back me up, I'd struggle to get even low-paid work. Forever rejected as "over-qualified" or "not the right fit".

You know what that means, right?

That's codeword for too old.

And it wasn't like I had any spare cash to gamble on the stock market either. Besides, another financial crash could be right around the corner.

That would destroy all our savings.

Leaving us worse off than ever. Even with cash in the bank.


I needed something bulletproof.

That's When I Almost Murdered the Man Who Would Save My Life.

Because little did I know that in just a few short weeks, this man would change my life forever. Empowering me to:

  • Live a life of limitless leisure.With extensive travel.
    Plus, we could finally afford to take our grandkids to Disneyworld.
  • Pay off all our debts-and live mortgage free!
  • And-incredibly-

I Could Now Quit My Job. And Double Our Spending Power

Our stress vanished. Literally overnight.

No more fear. Reversing our fortunes completely. Because now, instead of dreading retirement more than death itself, I was ecstatic.

It felt like magic!

But it wasn't magic at all!

Because it all came from the genius mind of Billy Turner whose simple two-step technique (tested and perfected over years-and learned the hard way) could transform any schmuck (like me) into what felt like a jackpot lottery winner.

Billy had been a play-it-safe financial advisor all his life. Until one day, a radical new idea took hold of him. Overturning everything he thought he ever knew about retirement.

You see, I first met Billy when I was driving home.

He was stood in the middle of road, grasping onto his pet Daschund Ulysses, looking wide-eyed terrified because my car was throttling straight for him...

Fortunately, I swerved in time.

Missing him (and Ulysses-who'd slipped his leash that day) by an inch. But damaging my car. Lucky for me, Billy's a nice guy. And after offering to pay for the damage he invited me inside to "wait for rescue-" -and "un-rattle my bones".

And I did NOT regret it.

Because Instead of Killing a Man I'd Stumbled onto Paradise.

I mean it. Billy's home is a pioneer's dream. A self-sufficient Garden of Eden. Where Billy grows his own food, produces his own power, and more. All on just a tiny plot of land. Giving him everything he'd ever need.

It was so peaceful you could hear a pin drop.

With limitless free time, to do whatever he liked.

In short: a retiree's dream.

Now, Billy could see I was excited. So, I had to ask:

"How much does all this cost?"

"Nothing" Billy said.

"Nothing!?!" I asked. "Not even bills?".

"Not even bills" he replied.

This Guy Was Living Like a Millionaire On Pocket Change

That's when I told Billy about my retirement problem. But he just laughed. "That's exactly where I was five years ago."

Only back then, Billy had noticed something weird.

All his clients - RICH and POOR, we're struggling.

None of them had enough.

Part of it was thanks to the countless income shocks, soaring living costs, ruthless social security cuts, and recessions that have plagued baby boomers nationwide. Transformed retirement into an impossible dream for millions.

However, the worst part was that these hardworking people (just like you and me) were wasting thousands of dollars every year on stuff they could easily gain for free. Just by following two simple steps:

Saving you money, boosting your income, and filling your nest egg to the full.

Generating more and more cash for you like a snowball.

In short: It wasn't a MONEY problem.

It was a KNOWLEDGE problem.

Because Zero Expenses = Zero Money Trouble.

Only 99% of Americans are unaware of how to cut their costs effectively. Even though it was common sense only a generation ago.

It's how our great-great-grandparents did it.

Right before BIG government, BIG banks, and BIG businesses took over. Demonizing self-reliance in the process creating a culture of entitlement.

What's more, these steps can be used literally anywhere. Saving you cash whether you live in the city, country, or suburbs.

Letting you retire. Whether you have $200,000 saved, or under $5,000.

And to be BRUTALLY honest, the money doesn't even matter.

Because Billy's formula also saves you TIME.

Allowing you have fun, relax, or to pursue the hobbies and passions you've always dreamed of. Or to spend more time with friends and family. Instead of working some soul-crushing 9-5. Until you finally drop dead.

Isn't that a life worth living?

Because there are plenty of big companies out there who are more than willing to take it away from you. Foaming at the mouth, ready to RIP YOU OFF with overpriced annuities, mutual funds, loaded with hidden costs, price-gouging small print, unseen taxes, and worse. Secretly praying for you to drop dead early just to boost profit.

Meaning even if you could retire 'normally'. It would be a bad choice.

And when Billy told me this, I was outraged.

This couldn't go on.

But thanks to the power of big finance, Billy wasn't keen to pick a fight. And it took everything in me to persuade Billy to share his priceless insights with the world. That's when we developed:

The Self-Reliant Retirement System: How to Quit Work, Boost Your Income, And Retire Happy in Just 2 Simple Steps.

To obtain your copy today, simply click the 'Add to Cart' button below:

Because you can still become a millionaire at 50+.4

Billy's never taken the time to share this information publicly before. So, I mean it. This information is EXCLUSIVE.

Plus, for now, , this is only a trial run.


At Any Moment, These Priceless Insights Could Be Lost Forever

We've even hired a specialist design team from Europe to produce it, and contracted a professional publishing company to help.

So, you know that it's high-quality.

Inside, you'll discover:

  • Everything You Need to Retire Off-Grid, And Cut Your Costs to Zero: Covering everything you need from hygiene, to warmth, to electricity. With no stone left unturned. That way, even if the sky fell tomorrow, you'd have the freedom, means, and safety to live your life exactly the way you want.
  • The 4-Year Trick That Will Double Your Social Security Income: Free cash you're entitled to. So, don't forget it!5
  • 50 Tips & Tricks to Cut Costs at Home: Including one lightbulb that will save you over $1,000 dollars6 . Giving you fifty quick ways to get free cash, and claw back money from your utilities company.
  • How to Avoid Being 'Mugged and Drugged' By Medical Bills: ESSENTIAL when you know the average 65-year-old couple today will need to spend over $260,000 dollars on medical costs AND it gets worse. Because thanks to rising health costs, the average 55-year-old will need to pay almost double that-$463,000 or more over their lifetime!7 Meaning if you get sick, that's it.
  • The Sneaky Way to Cut Your Food Costs by A Gigantic 50%: Critical once you realize one-in-every-six dollars is spent on food5 (and a third-$165 billion! gets wasted6 ), without scrimping on taste.Meaning no matter how big, or small your household, fifty cents in every dollar you spend on food10 could very soon be back in your pocket, to spend on anything you like, instead of wasted.11
  • The Top-Secret Food Trick that could save you up to $2,700 a year and more:7 : and boost your lifespan by five long years 8.
  • 5 Ways to Make $36,000 A Year Online: It may sound crazy, but it's the average wage for a freelancer-work you can do at home. No boss. No meetings. Wearing only your socks and slippers. Working to a schedule that suits you, so you won't ever be limited by anti-social hours.910 Giving you more time to volunteer, take on a hobby, or help your friends, family or children.
  • The Best Places in The U.S. (And Abroad) For You to Retire: for when you want a low living cost-without sacrificing life quality. Covering everything from taxes, to crime rate, social life, affordability, accessibility, and more. Everything is here. So, you'll never experience the crippling regret of sinking your money into the wrong location.
  • Get Out of Debt-In 2 Steps or Less: Whether it the mortgage or credit card, debt is a killer. The sooner it's gone, the better. Leaving you less anxious with greater opportunities, giving you the freedom and confidence-and enough money in your back pocket to do anything you like.
  • WARNING! Don't Fall Victim to These Sleazy Scams: Because the decisions you make today cannot be reversed. And it's not just criminals baying for your blood! Because shave off a percentage point here-or a few dollars there and you could be losing tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Finally, save $3,762.50 Dollars on Your Automobile Costs: Using just one little hack that was widely used in the 50s and 60s. That'll also cut your cost for maintenance, car insurance, and more.161718

I've not even implemented a fraction of what Billy's suggested. And I can honestly say, I've never felt happier, or more financially secure.

Even if you only achieve a percentage of what Billy teaches. It's worth it.

Transforming Your Golden Years into What They Should Be-The Best Years of Your Life

I'm sure Wall Street will be furious with us for sharing this information with you. Unlike the millions of Americans who are robbed blind every day, by following their advice. Unaware of what their real options are.

Unprepared for what's ahead.

But you're not like that.

After all, you've already read this far.

And if you're NOT the kind of person who thinks out of the box. Takes control. And does everything possible to make life-and your loved ones, as enjoyable, as possible , then this offer probably isn't for you.

But I hope that you ARE.

Because for just a few bucks you could save thousands of dollars a week. All for the price of what you'd throw away on a sandwich.

It's an obvious no-brainer.

Like printing money. And almost as easy.

You risk FAR MORE by NOT acting.

But we also know a reputation must be earned. That's why we're also giving you our best, cast-iron, money-back guarantee:

Because if you're not 100% satisfied, all you need to do is send us an email within 60 days. And we'll completely refund your purchase.

No excuses. No BS.

It's that simple.

That gives you sixty days to try the book, like it, and see how Billy's principles can transform your life forever.

And if you're somehow not over the moon, just send us an email. We'll refund you right away.

But remember-

This is only an experiment.

As soon as we gather the data we need. This great bargain will be gone.

It could even be taken down today. And it certainly won't be available at such a low price. We're not a big corporation here. We're risking real money by sharing these ideas with you. All in the effort to save millions of Americans from the ticking time-bomb of poverty in their older years. After all, 65 may not sound young-but do it right, and you could have decade after decade of sweet leisure time ahead of you.

Only a knuckle-head would pass it up.

Especially when it's so hard to get hold of the information yourself.

We're not even looking to profit.

Please don't regret your decision. Because with 10,000 new retirees flooding the U.S. every single day it will only get worse19.

Nowadays the average American can expect to die with well over $62,000 in debt, and with a national debt of over $169,251 dollars per taxpayer, the economy isn't going to rescue us any time soon2021. In fact, there's a $20.4 trillion black hole in social security alone, which could leave 62 million Americans penniless.2223

This is your chance.

Please, click the add to cart button now.

Thank you.
And God bless.

Charlie Floyd
























24 Assuming an average stock market growth rate of 10.4% (the average rate of growth in the 20th century). Not including trading fees (which are small).